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06 Amazing Underwater Restaurants In Maldives

The Maldives is an amazing destination with many wonderful things. These 06 amazing underwater restaurants in the Maldives will astonish you for sure.

Have you ever imagined impossible things? Maybe something related to the sea or anything underwater might have been in your dreams. Thanks to the Maldives, you can have food under the ocean in a divine way. Fish are swimming right above your head along with other tiny and huge ocean creatures. It is incredible to think as the delicious Maldives food is being delivered on dish undersea.  When it comes to the true beauty of the underwater restaurants, the lighting and calmness are pretty impressive. Here are 06 of the best underwater restaurants in the Maldives that facilitate a divining dining experience for the visitors.


Being the very first underwater restaurant in the world, Ithaa is a place you need to pay a visit to at least once in a lifetime. It is not just a restaurant but a place where you get to see the scenic beauty of the undersea environment. The restaurant is situated in the Rangali Islands, where most of the tourists spend their honeymoon or family vacations. Being one of the underwater restaurants in the Maldives, Ithaa has got delicious food similar to its scenic situation.   The restaurant lets you have 180 degrees view from the bottom of the sea. The fish will swim above and roam in their natural habitat while you are just a person in their kingdom.

The food serving is such a wonderful thing that you can enjoy. They are prepared with their own traditional food menus and include spicy ingredients according to your favor. Also, the restaurant is aware of both western and local food which makes splendid moments for you. The restaurant has got attractive lighting systems that can bring an appealing look for you.  Even if you are not interested in the noisy and colorful environment, the restaurant will make adjustments for you.

The meaning of the Ithaa is the mother-of-pearl. Indeed the restaurant is a place where other pearls, amazing ocean creatures, can be seen in a friendly manner. The place allows the visitors to have delicious breakfasts and dinners with the family. When it comes to the morning sessions, you are free to pay a visit and have cocktails. Although your intention is to have a glass of wine, that will be a possible thing.

The underwater restaurant is surrounded by a coral garden where the marine life has spread across a vast area. Although scuba diving is a nice way to observe them, you will have a proper opportunity in the Ithaa to observe both coral and fish without disturbing them. When it comes to the moment you have dinner and observe them that will be an absolutely breathtaking moment for sure.

Overall Score as a restaurant – 8.7/10

As An Underwater Restaurant – 9.6/10


Titled as one of the largest underwater restaurants in the Maldives, 5.8 is a place with a divine touch. When it comes to the name, the restaurant is located 5.8m under the sea. It is similar to the depth typical diving effort can take a diver into the ocean as well. Other than being located under the sea, the panoramic view is such an impressive feature for the restaurant. The Half-cylindrical shape has facilitated a tremendous undersea experience to the visitors as well. The dishes are decorated with the most delicious spices found around the world.

The feeling a person gets inside the restaurant will be an embracing one thanks to the taste and the marine diversity in the area. However, it is an elegant experience to see the place on media. You will feel that the overall feeling will be a usual one as the 5.8 undersea has been commonplace in the Maldives.

Not only the restaurant but the path to the 5.8 Undersea has fallen on an awesome path. Any of the underwater restaurants in the Maldives will bring an experience at all.  The staff will accompany you into the restaurant. The whole 5.8m depth is located under the sea, and the entry is located on a regular building where the staircase can be found. Also, the path from the island to that specific building has lied on an exposed wooden path to the sea.

When coming to the world’s largest undersea restaurant, you have the ability to accompany more than ten people into this place. The restaurant is that spacious. A panel has been created at the end of the restaurant to see things properly. Although 5.8 Undersea is not located in the deep sea waters, you will be able to see plenty of fish species in the surrounding area. However, it will be better if you do not visit the restraint in the night as marine life will not be as much enjoyable as you think.

Overall Score as a restaurant – 9.3/10

As An Underwater Restaurant – 7.3/10


It is a known fact that most travelers don’t get to enjoy a free drink in an open environment. Because of the Islamic religious background, you will not find enough places in the Maldives to enjoy a free drink. But, H2O is among the underwater restaurants in the Maldives that offer the liberty of drinking.  You need to visit thanks to Chef Andrea Berton. You have the freedom to enjoy an evening along with champagne and delicious food in this place.

Although the space is limited, you will be able to spend an endless evening among the fish that roam near the H2O restaurant. Not only the drinks but delicious 20 food menus have been introduced for the customers. The table arrangement is set up facing the Indian Ocean. Therefore, you are free to enjoy free meals among the fish. If you are much interested, two chairs sit facing the ocean will facilitate a scenic view into the ocean. Compared to all other locations in the Indian Ocean, H2O is a palace that has been surrounded by more marine diversity.

If you spend a couple of minutes in this restaurant, you will be able to observe more fish than you have seen in the Maldives for sure.

It will be better if you remember that the H2O restaurant belongs to You & Me resort which is a destination set for adults. The place is mostly visited by honeymoon couples. Therefore, you will not be able to take your children with you. Also, if you are looking for a honeymoon, the restaurant, and the resort will be quite awesome places for your honeymoon.

The surrounding area, as well as the inside of the H2O restaurant, will be better for some amazing clicks. The price belongs to the luxury category as the resort is a five-star resort. Therefore, you will have to note that too.

Overall Score as a restaurant – 9.5/10

As An Underwater Restaurant – 8.3/10

Sea Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah

The restaurant has got its attention not only because of its underwater location but the start-rated food delivered to the customers. Anantara resort group is an identity for the whole when facilitating precious and luxury experiences for world tourism. Unlike other Underwater restaurants in the Maldives, Anantara Sea restaurant provides all the luxury facilities for the customers along with the undersea experience.

 When it comes to the utmost feature of Anantara Undersea, you will be facilitated a complete surrounding made of marine life. Although many Underwater restaurants in the Maldives provide an undersea experience, Anantara resort is the one to deliver the precious and most breathtaking one for sure. Also, the magnificent place has enabled space for 30 people in the restaurant. If you are expecting to have a small celebration or that kind of thing, that will be a possibility with all these people.

This restaurant is an award-winning one with its start-rated hospitality. The wine store and the sweet beverages have been a constant attraction of the people. When it comes to the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, it is considered as one of the most splendid beautified private islands on Earth.

If you want to get into this restaurant, you will have to be a guest in Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas as well. The depth region of the ocean where the restaurant is located has got crystal clear water. Even if it is night, you will be able to observe marine life without being disturbed. Being a private island, the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas has been surrounded by a glorious coral reef.

Even though most of it is visible at scuba diving, the Se Restaurant will be a great place to see that. The marine life is not excited or tensed as much as other places because the resort has got an ecofriendly tourism policy on the tourism.

The exact feeling a tourist gets to enjoy is an aquarium. Unlike you are visiting an aquarium, but fish are visiting you each moment you are in. The freely roaming fish will be a mesmerizing experience for sure. The lighting and the calmful environment will first bring up a feeling like you are in a secret chamber where everything is hidden. When coming to the main point, food and other delicious items will make things more comfortable for you.

Overall Score as a restaurant – 9.5/10

As An Underwater Restaurant – 9.4/10

Restaurant Subsix

Located at Niyama islands, Subsix is an underwater nightclub, and a restaurant is a place where people can enjoy their moments. Specifically, the restaurant itself is a nightclub that is considered the world’s first underwater nightclub. The specialty of the Subsix is its spate location, where you have to reach using a speed boat. As you know, the previous underwater restaurants were accessible using the land. Although the island belongs to the Niyama Groups, they have established the Night Club in a spate manner. Because of that concept, the customers are able to enjoy the calmness and the life at level best. When it comes to marine life and the density, that will be higher than any other underwater restaurant in the world.

The Subsix nightclub is adaptive to any kind of tourism need you have. Even if your main intention is a delicious dinning, that will be a possibility thanks to the staff. When it comes to champagne and other beverages, the underwater Subsix compartment is ready for such things. As one of the Underwater restaurants in the Maldives, it will make you more comfortable than others in beverages.

The architecture is awesome when compared to Maldive’s designs. It has got western modern architectural elements on the floor and the wooden dressing. When it comes to the underwater part, you will be able to enjoy most of the parts without any hesitation. Mirror floors, vibes, and gestures will bring up an awesome experience in the night.

The lighting system makes you see things clearly, even in the darker times. The hospitality from the staff is really at a good level. They will provide anything you need.  If you are hoping for a special treat or a celebration for a loved one, the Subsix will be the best place for that. When it comes to the price, that will be a bit higher due to the luxury features.

Restaurant M6M

If modern seafood is your main concern, M6m will be one of the best Underwater restaurants in the Maldives you should be. They have got awesomely delicious seafood for you. Even though you are not an interested person in staying underwater, the restaurant will be worth paying a visit due to its delicious seafood.  Similar to all the underwater restaurants, you may enjoy the day by having food along with beverages. Also, the restaurant has earned a good name for providing the sweetest bereaves in the Maldives as well.

 It will be a phenomenal way to spend an evening with fish around you. The natural habitat has been established near the restaurant so the customers can have clear views. Since the lights are located outside the restaurant too, you will be entitled to a nice view of the outside. When coming to the scenic view, you are free to capture nice clicks for future reference. The staff is prepared to provide a friendly service for you. Being a smaller place than another underwater restaurant, you are free to enjoy a calmful evening with your loved ones.

The most utmost feature of the restaurant is its driving ability. The price has included underwater diving along with the restaurant facility. Therefore, you are free to have a nice evening in the water. Although you are hoping to get there for a complete day, that will be a nice thing to do with your family.

Overall Score as a restaurant – 8.4/10

As An Underwater Restaurant – 7.6/10


The Maldives is not a country with just divine sandy beaches and scenic views but their taste in so much food. The Maldives has always managed to bring most of the things along with their oceanic origin. When it comes to foods and restaurants, Underwater restaurants in the Maldives are such amazing places to pay a visit. If you have not satisfied with the things in the Maldives, guess what, they have got more things for you. The Underwater restaurant concept is such a thing. If it is necessary to mention how much they have succeeded with that thing, there is not just one but many. But, you have to be aware of the booking the locations as most of them are working as properties of private islands. It means that you have to get permission from the restaurants after booking the resorts. Even if you intend to have a visit, that will be a possible thing after contacting the management.

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