07 Beginning surfing spots in the Maldives, the complete guide

You will never be disappointed with this amazing country with its embracing assets including Beginning surfing spots as a beginning surfer.

The Maldives is a country made of 1192 islands all around the Indian Ocean within a specific area. Even if your expectation is a particular thing, Maldives might have several answers for you. When it comes to surfing, Maldives has got several surfing spots all around. The best thing about the Maldives is its wave power, having fewer power waves because of the reefs around the islands. Even if you are a person with beginning surfing skills, almost every surfing spot will be a phenomenal match for you. This guide will let you know of 10 of the beginning surfing spots in the Maldives.

Cokes Break

Known as Coke Island in tourism, Thulusdhoo is an Island located in the Maldives where surfing takes place as a major activity. It is one of the places to produce beginning surfing spots in the Maldives.  Coke surf spot produces right-hand reef waves for the surfers. Although all types of waves are available for the surfers, mostly small tides can be observed.

One of the most important things about Coke surfing is its bed. Surfers will only find sandy beaches beneath the surfing. The sandy beach has spread into the deep waters making a comfortable environment for the surfers. When it comes to the wind, it flows from the North-Western direction. If you are a quick learner, Coke Island will be the best place with its range of waves. The more you get skilled, the more waves will be in the water.

The place is named after the company where the beginning surfing spots in the Maldives are located. Coke is famous for producing all kinds of breaks for surfers. Being a surfer, you will love spending hours in the waters. The beach is considered a major surfing beach in the Maldives. If you are not worried about being busy, you will be able to find this place a treasure for surfing learning activities.

Other Things to DO in Coke Island

As a traveler, there are other things that you can do, such as snorkeling, night fishing, sandbank visiting, and relaxation. If you’re with your family, a boat trip will be ideal in the evening. Also, some fishing activities will be available for you to visit.


Chicken is a fine place with beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. The Chicken’s point is situated near North Male Atoll, where the surfing takes place on an exposed beach. The Island has got its name because of the Chicken processing company located on the Island. The place is a world-class surfing spot as well. Usually, Chickens surf point produces larger swells for the surfer.

If you intend to visit Chicken in April, that will be the best time in the year to do the learning. Because of its safe environment and the availability of smaller waves, a beginner can choose a chicken surf spot for learning purposes. Also, epic surfers have chosen this place, and you will be able to learn so many things from legends. The breaking is made of the left-hand reef. If you are the right-hander, this will be the best place to do it in all Maldives. When it comes to the tides, you will find all sorts of tides at this point, making the place eligible for beginners.

One of the most impressive things about the spot is its lengthy drive. A surfer can travel about 500m long the waves, and that will be a great opportunity for a surfer to learn things quite awesomely.  It is one of the Beginning surfing spots in the Maldives that can produce a 500m ride is not common not only in the Maldives but on Earth.

Other Things To Do

Other than surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving have been famous on the Island. Also, sandbank walking has been a popular activity in the area.

Pasta Point

Surfing pasta point , Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

There are two things a surfer needs to know about the Pasta point, its availability only for Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort’s guests and the optimum beginning surfing spots for left-handing surfers. You must have arranged your accommodation through the internet to get access to this amazing surfing point. When it comes to the on visit booking, that will be a difficult thing as the resort is not only for surfing purposes but other traveling needs.

When coming to surfing, the point produces perfectly formed waves for both experienced surfers as well as beginners. Pats Point is known as a wave-producing machine that constantly produces effective waves all around the day. If you expect to spend a couple of days, the progress will be visible to your own eyes. The learning will be an easy thing, along with the resort’s guidance.

The reef is situated in Shallow water, which makes you don’t want to go into the deep water. Although the ride is not as long as Chicken’s, it will be a comfortable one for sure. If you are a joyful rider, the Pasta Point will be an awesome place to capture some nice clicks for you as the background is an elegant one.

Other Things to Do

Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort is an awesome place with great hospitality. You may try their hospitality through delicious food and beverages. Their special seafood recipes are famous around the Maldives. The resort has got several packages for the guests, such as water bungalows, beach bungalows, junior beach suites, and many more. Live MusicMusic, disco nights, crab race, spa, and ayurvedic massage facilities like features will color your surfing skills for sure.

Jailbreaks Point

The surfing spot is situated in Himmafushi Island, where thousands of surfers get attracted to different surfing skills. The Jailbreaks point is known as a surfing spot with shallow breaking points and beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. The most important thing about this breaking point is its speed in producing different types of waves in a short time.

Also, the waves are fast, and so is the excitement the surfers get to enjoy. The right-hand reef breaking creates optimum waves for right-handers. If you are a right-handed surfer, Jailbreaks surfing point will be the very first place to visit in the Maldives. Located on a sand beach, the jailbreak point allows the surfers to get their freedom with the equipment. If you are scared of boots and suiting for surfing, you will be able to get full use of the sandy depth and safe water.

The budget is a specific thing that matters in this surfing point. Himmafushi Island is known as a place where budget expenses can be expected. As a beginner, you will find the Island for so many budget segments if you are expecting to find an instructor; that will not be a costly decision either. Surf campuses are available for $50 per night.

Other Things To Do

The Island is a great place for adults for entertainment ideas. A bikini beach is a famous place among travelers. Also, scuba diving, snorkeling, eco dive, shark feeding, water sports, and kaani tours are the things you can do. If you expect to get there with your family, boat trips and fishing tours will be more appropriate.

Sultan’s Surf Spot

Located in the North Male Atoll, the point is highly recommended for beginners with its beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. Also, it is not always crowded with tourists as experienced surfers don’t tend to get there. Besides, the optimum season can only produce waves for the surfers.

As a beginner, you will find shallow breaking waves almost throughout the year. Although you are a learner, you will get to learn special things regarding surfing, such as the influence of the wind and the waves. It means that you will have to wait until the proper wind flows. It is important to remember that continuous waves are not common to this surfing spot.

The right-hand reef creates waves for the right-handers. Being the second one of the friendliest places for the right-handers, Sultan’s surf spot will be a nice place for you to grab waves on your right hand. When it comes to the length of the waves, you will find this place as the lengthiest place for having waves for right-handed surfers. The next thing to know about the place is its accessibility. There are few entry points for the surfers that can be used. Therefore, you will not have to wait until your chance comes as well.

Other Things to do

North Male Atoll is a place where everything can be done literally. You will find delicious food, luxury accommodation, night camps, glowing beaches, walking tours, overnight tours, fishing tours, along with beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. All you have to do is to move and have a look.

Honkys surfing Point

Located as the site braking point for Sultan, it is dedicated to the left-handers. Also, Honkys breaking point allows the surfers to have the longest waves in Northern Male along with its beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. If you are a left-handed beginner, this will be one of the most charming points with an awesome environment. Unlike other points, Honkys surfing point just requires a 100-yard beginning point. It makes the point a friendly one for the beginners as well.  The speed maintenance requirement is less than in all other places.

Although wind is effective in lower margins, the overall speed is still less. Compared with all other places, the sun effect is also higher. Therefore, a sun screening cream will have to be in your content.

The area is not much crowded with surfers. Being one of the most breathtaking places and beginning surfing spots in the Maldives, you will not regret having nice clicks for your Instagram. The urban-looking background will probably make you an experienced surfer. Other than photography, Honkys Surfing Point is situated in a place where surfing schools have been conducting courses. Although the price is above the average, you will get some crucial surfing tips there.

Other Things To Do

Thanburudhoo is always an attraction for tourists due to its beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy delicious food along with hospitality. A fishing tour will be an additional way to discover the Maldives as well. Other than the milky sandy beaches, you will find the place to be a closer one to the Maldives Culture. Restricted by religious barriers, those people will come into your company if you provide good signs.

Ninjas Surfing Point

Located in the Northern Male, Ninjas is a place where you can have access within an hour from the Male International Airport. The name has been received due to the short waves that are coming with so many fluctuations. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to learn quick things thanks to Ninjas’ beginning surfing spots in the Maldives.

The fun level will be extremely higher than any other surfing point in the Maldives. Being a beginner, you will not have to be frustrated about the falls and slips as even the veteran surfers enjoy those things. The right-handed reef creates waves for right-handed Ninja surfers. Although you are an experienced right-handed surfer, things will be harder for you.

You should remember not to exceed the wave height over the head as things can get more difficult on such occasions. Also, the bed of the water is always milky sand. But, at some points, there can be rocks in the corners of the beach. Therefore, your safety will have to come first if you are alone in the Ninjas as a surfer.  The more you collect experiences, the more you will use strategies for ease, such as skipping short waves and getting into lengthy waves using a boat.

Other Things To Do

Ninjas have been a usual destination for most of the surfers who annually visit the Maldives. When it comes to the beginner’s level, you will find training campaigns for a reasonable price, along with beginning surfing spots in the Maldives. Other than that, you may find fishing tours, boat trips, nightlife events, MusicMusic, and plenty of entertaining features will be available.


Surfing is not always about getting experience. Once you become an experienced surfer, you will realize that experience is a thing that you can never achieve with perfection. After seeing thousands of surfers in the Maldives, you have to understand it is sometimes getting entertained while surfing. Although the Maldives is not the hardest place for surfers, many surfers come into the country to surf only for enjoyment.

Therefore, you should try new things, explore new things, and do other things in the Maldives for your precious memories. If surfing is the only thing you need, a surfing school will get that done for you, along with beginning surfing spots in the Maldives.

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