Attractive 07 Budget Water Villas In The Maldives

Here are such 07 budget water villas in the Maldives that belong to the budget segment. They are free from hidden package prices as well as billing details that can bother you after selecting the water villa.

It is important to have an idea about the budget you expect to expand in the Maldives before the tour. Because most of the budget vials don’t bear the budget features, for example, you will not be able to find a waterfall that costs $300 per night in most places. Even if they did, there could be additional charges for dinner, continental breakfast, bed tea, and numerous other things.

As a tourist, you might know that you can’t turn back and fly even though the price is higher than you expected. Following 07 budget water villas in the Maldives can provide the best hospitality for you. Also, they belong to the price range of from $300 to $500 with all the primary water vial features.

Budget Water Villas In The Maldives

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa is one of the budget water villas in the Maldives, along with the best hospitality.  The accommodation is coming along with so many added features. Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa provides snorkeling and diving facilities for tourists. Although the resort belongs to the budget category, its packages begin from $500 per night. When comparing the prices from the luxury resorts in the Maldives, that will be a lower price for sure. There are about 184 rooms that the tourists can choose according to their favor.

The hotel is considered as ten of the best resorts in the Maldives for facilitating Snorkeling for their tourists. When it comes to the luxury facilities, the resort has several indoor swimming pools, restaurants, spa centers, fitness centers, and luxurious bathroom facilities. There are two sections for the Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa customers that can be chosen according to age and needs.

Among the things a tourist can do, whale shark watching is a unique activity. They can be observed around the reef throughout the year. Other than that, the reef is such a wonderful place a visitor gets to enjoy. The reef around the entire island is a great place to observe marine life. The sandy beach is not a good place to relax in the day as the resort is one of the busiest resorts in the Maldives, with around 250-500 visitors per time.

Two restaurants are owned by the Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa, where delicious food can be served. One of them is for adults who love spending their evenings according to their tastes. Even if you want a global flood, that will be prepared by well-experienced cooks.

Amaya Resort and Spa

As one of the most convenient budget water villas in the Maldives, Amaya Resort and Spa will bring all the facilities for you.  You are free to book a room per night for a 500 – 600 $ price range. Also, there are some extreme budget rooms for a price of $350 from the resort. The direct access to the lagoon, indoor swimming pools, and sun deck features have made the resort a unique one in the Maldives. There are 14 budget-focused water villas in the hotel that a tourist can have either the sunset o the sundown. Also, you will be eligible to have room to see the lagoon clearly.

Rooms include air-conditioning, a private pool, Wi-Fi, satellite TV channels, a bathtub, a hairdryer, and a safe. The bluish lagoon will be available for you 24 hours per day, along with the main entrance to the lagoon from your room.  The things that you can do are not much unique. Typical activities such as Snorkeling, Diving, bat trips, delicious food, and evening parties are the most common things a person can do. Kayaking and night snorkeling are a couple of things that you may try at this place.

Fihalhohi Island Resort

This amazing place is situated in a calm environment where travelers get to enjoy better hospitality along with natural features. Because of the quality services and the price, this resort has been a budget water villa in the Maldives among couples and adults for a long time. Being one of the cheapest and convenient priced resorts in all Maldives, Fihalhohi Island Resort has got a continuous attraction among tourists throughout the year. When it comes to the island, it is not just a place with reefs and an ocean. The beach is one of the most elegant in not the only Maldives but in the world.

Snorkeling and diving facilities are also available for travelers. Greenish plantains are increasing the natural value of the island. Hundreds of Palm trees and beach bushes have been able to attract the audience towards the beach.

As both adults and children are welcome by the resort, you will find that Fihalhohi Island Resort is an awesome family resort for a reasonable price. Sharks, sea turtles, and millions of marine wildlife will be for your discovery on the island. Even if you are not interested in Snorkeling, shark feeding will be an available main activity for you.

Being one of the budget water villas in the Maldives, 138 rooms have been allocated for the visitors in the Fihalhohi Island Resort for a reasonable price. All of them are facing the Indian Ocean, and you may choose any empty room according to your desire. When it comes to the rooms, the visitor will get air-conditioned rooms along with Wi-Fi., Satellite TV, a safe, a hairdryer, and a mini-fridge. For the sake of your comfort, an internally connected telephone will be provided.

Also, there are 12 water bungalows for your comfort if you are expanding your expenditure from budget to comfortable. The price range per night at the resort is from $350 to $450.

Sun Island Resort & Spa

Compared to other islands in the Maldives, the resort is one of the budget water villas in the Maldives. Nalaguraidhoo Island is the place where the Sun Island Resort & Spa is situated. The 1.5km lengthy island is a place a person can enjoy more things than an average island in the Maldives. The large island is filled with trees and forest-originated plants where the tourists can enjoy their relaxation at best. When it comes to the beach, the typical powder-like sand will be a tremendous thing. Since the Indian Ocean is right in front of the island, snorkeling will be the best thing to do around so much marine wildlife.

As a famous location for facilitating a quiet environment for travelers for a reasonable price, Sun Island Resort & Spa has to be on your list. It is one of the biggest water vials in the Maldives, which consists of more than 50 water bungalows and hundred rooms. When coming to the budget feature, it can be purchased for $ 290 – $ 440, along with breakfast and dinner.

Spa facilities, restaurants, diving, swimming pools, snorkeling facilities, nightclub DJ, and there are so many luxurious features in the resort for the visitors. The hot water kettles, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, star-rated bathrooms, and so many things will facilitate a friendly environment for a reasonable price.

Saii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection By Hilton

The water vital is a famous one near Male, the capital of Maldives. It just takes 15m to get there from the Male airport. Since the shuttles have been arranged once every 30 minutes, you will be able to get there along with your family. Yes indeed. The island doesn’t have any restrictions on kids, which makes an awesome selection for your entire family. 

A water villa is a famous place for facilitating luxury features for a reasonable price. When compared to the prices of other water villas in the area, you can book a room for a price of $500 per night. It has made it one of the budget water villas in the Maldives. The 194 rooms in the villa will suit your budget if you are looking for luxury accommodation for the lowest price. The hotel has got two restaurants, bars, spa centers, yoga training institutes, snorkeling, and everything you are going to expect from a resort. Being one of the most conserved places in the Maldives, the SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton will provide a safe feeling in the small forest.

Food and beverages are the next things you need to expect with a higher standard. The five-star resort will deliver global-level food as well as Maldives seafood special for your taste. Among the things that you can do, the hotel itself has facilitated so many things. Crossroads have enabled a tremendous opportunity for people to feel nature at its best. Even the purchasing of goods and smaller items will make you feel that you are already on a street of Europe. The sandy beach is one of the things that you can enjoy until days pass.

Dreamland Maldives

If you are wandering here and there in the Maldives, Dreamland Maldives will be the best place to be chosen as your exit point out of the country. The hotel is situated in Baa Atoll, where there are so many natural attractions are situated. Other than the sand bays, freshwater springs, palm lands, miniature wildlife areas, and freshwater fish can be seen on the island.

Dreamland Maldives offers rooms from $400 to $550 per night, being one of the budget water villas in the Maldives. Thirty-six water villas are provided to the visitors along with quality products and services. You may choose the rooms as per the need of seeing either the sunset or sundown. When it comes to the ocean view, that will also be available for the visitors.  Free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, room service, and the bathrooms will come up with almost every luxury facility such as hot water and shampoos.

The freshwater lake is the most admired place by travelers. It has an area of 1600m2 on the island. Making the rest of the natural features, sandy beaches, and the Indian Ocean are the next things you need to enjoy. The lagoon area and the ocean consist of thousands of marine species that you can observe while snorkeling. Also, swimming and diving are possible under the guidance of the resort staff.

Reethi Faru Resort

If you are looking for fresh blood in water vials, Reethi Faru Resort will be a great place to make your stop. Since they have not been much older in the resort industry, you will get to stay here for a budget price along with almost every luxury feature. Situated in the Raa Atoll, the water villa comes with  44 detached water bungalows that can be chosen as per your need. Some of them deliver a scenic view of the ocean, while most of them have sundown or sunset viewing ability.

Every room has been built according to the latest architecture as it was built in recent times. You are free to enjoy all other resort features along with six restaurants, 6 bars. They will bring you delicious seafood and beverages. Also, fresh fruit smoothies, cuisine, cocktails, and fine wines are for your use. A coconut spa is a nice place for you to have a body massage. The experienced therapists will conduct the things pretty awesomely. When it comes to the yoga and fitness centers, you will be facilitated a unique service.

Since the children are allowed on the island, you are free to arrange a family trip to the island. The best activities to be done in Raa Atoll are not just having fun in the sea or beach. But, there are other things such as event parties, traditional music, cultural programs, and new foods. Also, typical sea-related things are available for you, such as snorkeling, shark feeding, diving, and swimming. Although they are new in the field, you will not be missing the comfort indeed.

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The Maldives is embracing heaven for anyone who dreams of water villas. Suppose there is anything that can keep you stood other than water that will be a villa. The Maldives has got plenty of water villas in the country. When it comes to the budget water villas, you will not find waterfalls truthfully in the country. A water villa is exceptionally better for facilitating an environment for the visitors with their snorkeling, relaxation, swimming, and privacy screening needs. Therefore, it is essential to identify the facilities along with the prices dedicated by the water villas in the budget range.

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