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Delicious 10 Food From Maldives National Dish

The Maldives is always a destination with plenty of food choices. These 10 Food from Maldives national dishes will be a new change for you.

Food is eventually a favorite choice, even if your primary concern is to have enough relaxation on milky beaches. South Asian countries have a reputation for having a superb spicy taste. When it comes to the Maldives, They have what others have for the taste. Being a country with an Islamic origin, Maldives has got so many food items for visitors of different flavors. These 20 food dishes will increase your expectation to visit the Maldives for sure.


Maldivian taste is not focused on desserts much. But, the existing few are considered the best compared to the world’s fancy. Kan’dhi is a dessert made as a traditional Maldives food from Maldives national dish. It includes cooking fruit, wax gourd, green plantains, and coloring agents. Coconut milk is used as the media to be mixed. Other than that, sugar and ground rice are added in required proportions to increase the state of the food.

Being the sweetest desserts in Maldives culture, no one can think of a sweeter dessert than this. The most important thing about the food is its sliced fruit parts. It makes the food a fruit salad along with its milky taste. Jasmine water or rose water is used to color the mixture to vanish the coconut rice color.

The dessert is something nutritious with its vitamin and mineral properties. A person can gain all types of essential nutrients through this dessert. Case screw pine fruit is a vegetative fruit for patients who have diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient, you will be more resourceful without sugar. Besides that, fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K are rich in this dessert.

Aluva Kirugarudhiya Also Features Maldives National Dish

One of the fantastic features of Eastern Food Culture bears is its curries. There are various curries in their food habit. There are many types on the list: chilly curries, milky curries, and oily curries. When it comes to the Maldives national dish, they too have their curries. They cook it using coconut milk, as most Asians do.

Aluva Kirugarudhiya is a delicious curry to eat bread, rice, or anything you like. All it needs is soaking and tasting the food. There are several origins for this delicious curry. You may use potatoes, snake gourd, beans, or any vegetable variety to be cooked.

However, I mostly recommended going along with something fishy. Since fish comes in different tastes and flavors, they all will be available for visitors.

Because coconut is an antioxidant agent, you get to enjoy the meal properly. Tuna, salmon, or specific fish species can choose for cooking. You get the particular taste belongs to food along with the curry. When it comes to Tuna, these curries are special. Since there is enough milk in the food, visitors have to bother about mercury poisoning or any allergy conditions.

This curry is filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to overcome several disease conditions by consuming coconut-based food, this Maldives national dish element.


GarudhiyaIt is one of the traditional recipes in the Maldives national dish. Fish is cooked using salt and fresh water. The steamed fish is servable to visitors along with lime and onions.

As a better way to serve essential nutrients to the meals, Garudhiya is fine food. This food item is recommended for guests who have dietary issues. Since Tuna is the mainly used fish, the nutrient supply is higher.

Some people use v as a soup as well. Decorate with rice dishes. Garudhiya is a great way to start the day on an island like the Maldives. The medicinal values of Garudhiya include reducing cholesterol, increasing the heart’s health, controlling blood pleasure, increasing immunity, and many more.

If one of your main intentions includes yoga or spa, a food like GarudhiyaIt will work effectively.

Mas Huni

The food is prepared using Tuna fish. Sometimes, the main ingredient may vary with another fish type as well. It is served with grated coconuts along with onions and lemon. The addition of spices may depend on your favor. If you want a devilled taste, it will be served with chili and other spices. The secret of the food is its texture. All the ingredients are chopped into small parts so the maxing can improve the delicious taste for the customer. 

When it comes to the meal type, Mas Huni is the most common breakfast in Maldives national dish. Chapati bread is the other companion of Mas Huni, which makes an excellent combo for the visitors. Also, it is delicious spicy food for tea time. Hot tea is Mas Huni, a portion of great food to have together. The food is more common in Male and suburban areas. Even if it is not a popular breakfast on private islands, you will get it on special requests.

Saagu Bondibai

Known as Sago by the rest of the world, Saagu bondibai is a dessert to decorate Maldive’s national dish. It is a popular food among most of the Maldives ‘ houses. The typical milky taste is extracted using coconut oil, making it delicious even for a regular pudding customer. It is prepared using cardamom, rose, and familiar flavor agents.

Maldivians use papaya, pineapple, and cashew to increase their taste. You should know two things about this divining food: being a delicious one and its excellent appearance.

You know how it looks like when foods come into their appearance. Typical mald9ives food comes in a nasty appearance as fish decorate those plates. But, Saagu bondibai will be something you’ve never seen. Although distinct coloring is used to color this fantastic food, you may ask them to use rose-like agents for the face.

This food is a dessert which means it will be better for digestion. It also contains many antioxidants that can extract toxic compounds and send them out of the body. Since fruits are included in the dessert, you may get vitamins and minerals.

Boshi Mashuni

Served on the banana bract, Boshu Mashuni is prepared using banana flowers. Banana flower is shredded and served after mixing with spices and necessary ingredients to create this Maldives national dish food. Essential components may include curry leaves, turmeric, pepper, and cumin.

When it comes to the spicy flavor, it is up to you whether fried chili is going to include or not. It is usual to serve the food with something with a seafood origin. It is important to remember that the Maldives is a tropical country with many low assets.

Noshi Mashuni is capable of relieving you from lots of pains and diseases. Being its utmost benefit, it will improve against infections. Banana flowers are best for women’s menstrual cycle as well. Boshi Mashuni is made of high fiber content, making it a better food for people who have digestive complications.

An improved kidney functioning, relief anxiety, and mood-boosting are the other benefits. This food has been a regular food around the Maldives. Therefore, you may get to taste it in any restaurant. If your taste is set for another fish instead of Tuna, that will be a possible thing.

Maldivian Live Lobster

As you already know, Maldives has a different taste for the same seafood. The Maldivian Live Lobster is a food that has followed the same theory for decorating the Maldives national dish. Live lobsters are cooked alive to get a delicious taste. Maldives people believe it is tastier than the typically cooked lobsters due to its unique flavor.

The deliciousness is assured since cooked lobsters have a high melting character rather than the usual lobsters. The price is higher when purchasing lobsters from any store in the Maldives. When it comes to the Maldivian Live Lobster, the cost will range from MVR 250- MVR 400.

Lobsters contain high amounts of Omega 3 Fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acid is recommended for controlling cholesterol. Other than that, improvement of mental health, eye health, heart health, and several benefits have been entitled. They are a rich source of Calcium, Zinc, and Iron. This food will enable higher nutrition in the end. 

Reef Fish Cutlets

Reef Fish Cutlets will be a fine choice for tea time if you are searching for something spicy but delicious. Made of the Reef Fish as it sounds, these cutlets contain Tuna mostly. Also, the food is taken as a main ingredient for the Maldives national dish. Other than that, it can include salmon, sardines, eggs, flour, and other additional components.

Some restaurants deliver Reef Fish Cutlets containing potatoes. As a better way to reduce the fish content, they will also be a good choice since it is not recommended to have Tuna for kids and pregnant women due to its high mercury content that will be an excellent way to have this food. One of the most remarkable features of the food is its crunchy nature.

Typical fish health benefits will be available for this food. If you are looking for food to lose weight, Reef Fish cutlets will be a good choice. Those food are friendly to the heart. Reef Fish cutlets will bring excellent cardiac benefits for you. This will be a short eat-in-your cuisine list if you expect proper relaxation.

 Kulhi Boakibaa

Maldivian food always has a seafood origin. Cutlets, pastries, traditional food, and almost everything is decorated with fish. When it comes to the Kulhi Boakibaa, it is a cake made of fish taken for the Maldives national dish. Unlike the typical cakes, you deliciously get the fish flavor. Although the Kulhi Boakibaa food is available on festive occasions, most cafes now sell this food. It contains cooked Tuna, scraped coconut, onions, and rice. It includes all sorts of tropical features you need to have on a tropical island. This spicy cake is available in the typical cake texture. If you want something crunchy or with a specific taste, you are free to add other seafood as well.

Kulhi Boakibaa is fine food for people who have digestive difficulties. If you need something delicious to relieve pain, it will be a good food item on your food plate. Coconut and onions are typical taste supplementarity in Eastern food culture with antioxidant properties. Along with the Tuna and other fish types, it will create a great combo to overcome your essential vitamin needs.


The most common thing in the Maldives is tourism. You will get so many tastes for sure when it comes to food. Kaamaranga is such a dessert that can vary the food habit. Like the Star Fruit, Kamaranga is a delicious dessert with enough sweetness. The food contains flour, salt, butter, and cardamom. Its state is similar to Tulumba, which can be found mainly in Iran. The dessert is served as a fried pastry for tea times in Maldives national dish. Although there is not enough significant taste for Kamaranga, the plain flavor will be delicate into an evening in the Maldives. If you are interested in onion taste, some restaurants serve it in such tastes. The cooks will add vanilla, Chocolate, or any specific flavor according to your preference.

There are not many medical values regarding this dessert. But, it can be recommended for people looking for something without fish.

Conclusion About Maldives National Dish

All the mentioned food items have been suggested with a variation. Even if you are not a person with a shared concern about food, some of the foods will astonish you for sure. It is a known thing that the Maldives itself is a country with lots of seafood. Although it is not hard to find other traditional or visitors loved food, most are not delicious. The foods in the list have excellent characteristics in taste and health benefits. Also, it is up to enjoy the best in the Maldives because even a piece of fruit can mean something special to you.

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