11 Facts about the Maldives You Might Never Know

The Maldives is popular for its amazing sea and hospitality. You will find several facts about the Maldives in a visit to this amazing country. There will not be any setbacks for tourism in the Maldives. But, these 11 facts about the Maldives will astonish you as they include most of the things that you never knew. If you are expecting to visit Maldives one day, you will have to be aware of the things related to their lifestyle, amazing things, and many more things. Because, even though you are just a visitor, their culture is watching you. Your duty has to be reading their culture along with the lifestyles.

First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Although it looks hilarious as most of the Asian countries have such things in their history, it was one of the facts about the Maldives. The Maldives held one of their cabinet meetings underwater in October 2009. The purpose of this cabinet meeting was to inform the world regarding the increase of the world sea level. Because people have been destroying the environment in a rush, small island states like the Maldives have faced severe consequences.

Another intention was this action was to inform the world of leaving carbon footprints. Being a country with a tourism-based economy, Maldives thoroughly be careful about these things. President Mohamed Nasheed was the one who summoned this crucial meeting. The president and more than 13 officials joined this meeting along with scuba diving equipment.

An Indian Prince Made Maldives

As one of the facts about the Maldives, the country’s origin is important.  Although it has become a tourism-based country, it has had a proud past in the last couple of Millenniums. Most of the people are interested in sea-based attractions while there is a whole history to be discovered. Evidence has been found from as far as the 269BC that proved the history of Maldives.

It is said that an exiled prince has formed the Maldives who has been exiled from the Maldives. Then after the prince has established the Adeetta Dynasty and kept ruling this group of Islands. Some marital relationships have been established between India during the Maldives’ history. Meantime, Maldives has been known as the Kingdom of Sun among other countries in the world. Also, the same historic proofs state that Maldives people had been worshipping the sun and sea prior to the price’s banishment. Although it is just a legend, Maldives people depend on those two factors due to tourism.

The Smallest Islamic Country In The World Is One of The Facts About Maldives

One of the known facts about the Maldives is that the Maldives has got an Islamic culture as the majority of the country is Muslim. When it comes to the country’s size and the extent, it is considered the smallest country in the world. If you are looking at the Maldives to the smallest extent, you will miss so many things. The Maldives is the only country that promotes tourism at its best.

Although there are some of the Asian and Middle East countries have their concerns about tourism, the Maldives is a full-time worker in tourism. Restricted by religion, some countries have forbidden tourism in their countries. Also, it is a known fact that the majority of Muslim countries cannot bear other cultures in their home country. But, Maldives is bearing so many cultures on their home soil in the name of tourism. But, Maldives ‘ citizens cannot follow any other religion except Islam.

The constitution of the county has assigned the necessary power to follow this rule strictly. Only tourists and workers of the country can bear other religions as they are not citizens in the country.  However, they have raised some restrictions on tourists. For example, if you bathe on public premises, there will be a dress code to be worn.

The Maldives Will Never Disappoint You On The Biggest Living Animal Sightings

The Maldives is the only country where the visitors get to see the largest living being on the Earth, the whale shark. As one of the facts about the Maldives, you get to see this giant throughout the year. Although it is not something that belongs to the rest of the world, Maldives has been able to claim it. Ranging from 6m to 11m, the whale shark is considered the largest animal on Earth.

If you ever visit the Maldives with the purpose of seeing this animal, you will see it with 100% accuracy since the Maldives is one of the countries with the highest marine diversity. Not only the whale shark but more than ten inhabited shark and whale species can be seen in the Maldives Sea.

When it comes to the density of the sea creatures, it is also higher than any place on Earth. For example, a school of dolphins can be seen with up to 200 members in it. Most importantly, they are available throughout the year at their full capacity. Time of the year, nature of the ocean, or the level of tourism is not important for these amazing creatures.

The Country With The Least Geographical Variations

The Maldives is known as the country with the least geographical change. Not only that, Maldives is considered the flattest country in the world as well. Even if you are a traveler in this country, you will not get too many variations in the land neither the highlands. The highest place in the Maldives above sea level is 2.3 meters.

Also, the average height of the land is 2.3 meters which means the land is almost on sea level.  That is one of the reasons why they have to find solutions about getting sunk in the Indian Ocean. The more the glaciers are melting, the more the Maldives land is being sunk.

 Although the sea is one of their assets, it will be the destiny that waits to swallow them one day. Scientists have calculated that the Maldives will not last more than 80 years from 2020. It means that no one will remember by the end of this century. Although it belongs to facts about the Maldives, they were not happy about that at all.

One Of The Safest Destination In The World

Facts about the Maldives
Bird View Of Maldives Islands

The Maldives is considered to be the safest travel destination in the world or a few of them. The records of violations have been extremely low in the country. Being one of the most awarded facts about the Maldives, you will be safe. When it comes to the harassment of tourists, such incidents have not been monitored in the last couple of decades. Resorts and private islands facilitate one of the warmest hospitality for their customers. 

Also, this country has not got an Army for the safety of the country.  Because they are not afraid of any ethical or cultural conflict in the regional country, they are always saved by the world. One of the most crucial factors about the country is its Islamic culture. They follow a mid-ranged Islamic belief as their religion. The probability of producing extremists has been minimized by the education system. Also, any of the religions are not allowed in the country. Therefore, the probability of arising cultural and religious conflicts has been made low.

They Believe About Black Magic

They are known as Fanditha in the local tongue. The Maldives is a country that has a belief in black magic. Although many of the Islamic countries don’t have this habit, Maldives thoroughly believed in magic or sorcery. As a country y with the highest literacy, Maldives has stepped back in their education with this kind of belief. The most important thing is, it has been allowed in their law since the 1978 act. But, things have become worse as some people started using black magic.

Known as sihuru, one of the darkest magic tricks, dark sorcery has been used by several parties, according to their official sources. The rulers and the legal authorities held several meetings to overcome these problems. Although these things are out of travel and tourism, visitors enjoy these silly things as a part of the tourism.

One of the most popular magic incidents about the Maldives is its sorcery in 2013. The Maldives President Abdulla Yameen called the police to hold an investigation regarding the Cursed Doll making it one of the hilarious facts about the Maldives. The president asked for an investigation about this matter, thinking that it was something committed by the opposition party.

When it comes to 2015, the same president ordered to cut some palm trees in setters stating that they caused bad health for the president; some newspapers had reported this incident claiming the president did those things thinking that the opposition party planted them on streets.

The Maldives Was Held By Sri Lankan Terrorists Was One Of The Facts About Maldives

It is not among the facts about the Maldives that a group of terrorists tried t capture the Maldives. Abdullah Lufthi was a Maldives politician who lived in Sri Lanka in 1988. He made a deal with the terrorists and sent a group of terrorists into the country in search of political power. Known as LTTE, the Sri Lankan terrorists went to the Maldives and got the power of Maldives International Airport, TV stations, and The Government buildings.

India got to know this thing and took initial action by sending troops to the Maldives. They eliminated this threat in few hours. The mission was known as Mission cactus. There was a man who helped the Indian Troops to get into the Defense Minister’s house. Also, he had brought the key to the armory and handed it over to the Indian troops. Later, he became the defense minister of Maldives as well. 

Male Is On A Coral Reef And At Stake

As one of the natural facts about the Maldives, the heart of the country is on a reef.  Male is the capital of Maldives which bears more than 140,000 citizens in the town. The most embracing fact is that the capital is set on a coral reef. The edge of the reef is covered with sand as the authorities have expanded the territories by filling sand on lagoons and water margins. The latest observations have revealed that the capital is at risk as some cracks are spreading on the reef where the city has been built.

Although it is not much serious, authorities have brought restrictions on the construction of risky areas. As the city has been built on a coral reef where there is not a higher place than a 5m height, everything is a risk. Even if it is a minor crack on the fear, that will be a reason to cause the Maldives the Atlantis. However, the city has got its defense using the concrete sea defenses against the waves coming into the capital. But, they will not be enough for a threat coming through the floor.

The $50,000 Accommodation

Cost more than $50,000 per night, and the most expensive accommodation belongs to an underwater suite known as the “The Muraka.” It has been built with an expenditure of $15 million. It is literally an aquarium. Unlike any other aquarium you’ve ever seen, you are the one seen by the fish. The 36 degrees view panels will facilitate a clean water observation experience all the time.

Sharks and other dangerous creatures will not only swim above your head but perform their activities in a free atmosphere. It is located under the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, where the world’s first underwater restaurant was established in 2005. After several requests received by tourists to stay under the sea a night, “The Muraka” was brought into the tourism. Although the price is higher and the depth of the suite is just above 5m, you will get to see almost every activity of fish as they swim in their natural habitat.

Almost Everyone Can Both Write And Read.

Most of the Asian countries are developing countries.  Thanks to the developed education system of the country, more than 98% of the population has the ability to write and read. Having 98% of literacy, Maldives is the country in Asia with the highest literacy. When it comes to India, it is below 75%. Pakistan has not been able to raise up to 60% yet.

Although Sri Lanka has a higher literacy than other countries in the world with 96.3%, it is below the Maldives standards as well. Therefore, literacy is one of the facts about the Maldives

It was less than 70% in the 1970s, which UNICEF helped them to grow to the current level. Teachers’ resource centers fulfilled this amazing task within just 50 years. Since there were many islands all around the country and it was difficult to collect the students, Maldives government problems in the past. Unicef helped them to make the impossible into a reality within a short time. It is expected to increase these rates to a higher number in the near future. Because 100% of students are in primary schools and 99% of them become degree holders, according to the sources. At present, it is equal to a developed country.

Remarks on Facts About Maldives

The Maldives is indeed a country with plenty of attractions. But, it is up to you whether you are just visiting the country or get the best out of this amazing country. If yes, these 11 facts will surely improve your knowledge about them. They may be useful for you for the next time you are about to visit the Maldives. Also, it will expand your limitations to know about their culture, country, and the lifestyle

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