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About me

I am a Sri Lankan who has his passion for the natural beauty in the Countries Specially Sri Lanka & Maldives, two of the most embracing islands in the world. Along with my passion, more than 10 years of Sri Lanka & Maldives 5 star hospitality experience is by my side to treat you through my website. These little groups of islands are awesome enough to make your life a better place with souvenirs and great memories. If you are a true traveler, I suggest you have a look at the things that I have mentioned without an exception or an exaggeration.  It is my belief that everyone who needs to visit these amazing countries should come along with a proper understanding. My Website provides all sorts of things that a traveler needs to know.

Lifestyle, surfing, food, special notes, and almost everything regarding those islands will be available through my website.

Each country has got amazing content for you as well. While Sri Lanka is having awesome Wild Life, Ancient Ruins, A Pride History along with mind-blowing beaches and nature’s untouched features,

The Maldives has got all the features related ocean which makes an awesome atmosphere for a tropical experience. I thoroughly believe that these couple of places are two of the places a true traveler must visit at least once in a lifetime. You are free to come to see and enjoy my website prior to visiting these islands. Also, please make sure you are always with my touch which allows you to know the latest travel and tourism tips about the Special Srilanka & Maldives And Other Countries.

I will be available at [email protected]

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