Beginning tips for surfers in the Maldives

Being a pro can be one of your expectations in the visit to the Maldives. If so, the following beginning tips for surfers will help you.

Although the surfing needs are enough to pay a visit to the Maldives, it has got so many other parallel activities as well. Scuba diving, hidden places, delicious seafood, incredible marine life, and thousands of reasons will be available for you. Therefore, Maldives has to be on your top list to make the decision to visit the country for Surfing.

The next most important thing is the knowledge you have about Surfing. Thanks to shallow and crystal clear water, Surfing has been an easy thing with sandy beds. It means that the beginners will find the Maldives an oasis for Surfing. If your main intention is to become s pro surfer, following Beginning tips for surfers will help you.

When Should You Go To Maldives?

As the first thing prior to Beginning tips for surfers, you should be visiting the Maldives in the Winter season to find the most eligible season for traveling.  It means from April to September will be the best period you must visit this country.

After that period, the wind becomes strong, and the waves become harder to be tolerated.  Also, the swells become stronger, making a much difficult atmosphere for the learners. When it comes to the temperature of the sea waves, it stays below 30 degrees and above 25 degrees all the time, making you need swimwear when surfing.

How to get prepared for the Surfing

Surfing is not a thing you have to pre-determine when getting ready but a thing that comes up with plenty of experience. When you are getting prepared for the Maldives surfing, there are special things that you need to bring and focus on, in addition to Beginning tips for surfers.


Buying the surfboard is the essential thing among beginning tips for surfers. Although you can keep hoping for rent-out centers, it will be better if you keep your personal and lucky surfboard. Since you are a beginning surfer, you have to be aware of the things that you should look at when buying the surfboard. There are usually five things to consider when buying a surfboard.

Your Level of Surfing

As the very first factor, you are going to have a proper idea about your level of Surfing. You can be a beginner, intermediate leveler, or expert. If you are not a senior surfer, you will not be able to paddle as well. As the final thing belongs to the level of Surfing, you should come up with the type of waves you are about to surf. That can be either unbroken waves or shallow waves.

Frequency of Surfing

The next thing is to determine the frequency of your Surfing. Although you are a beginning surfer, you will intend to surf more often. If yes, you will have to select a more challenging surfboard for learning. When it comes to a person who doesn’t surf much, a beginner’s surfboard will be enough.

The Material Made of

There are three materials that are used to produce surfboards, Hardboard/fiberglass or Softboard. Although it looks, the price is the main concern when selecting the material; there are other things too. It is important to know that the more the surfboard becomes solid, the more surfing skills it requires becomes, the more. It means you have to go with a Hardboard surfboard as a beginner. They have benefits such as finding the waves easily, higher maneuverability, and the ability to survive falls.

Size of the surfboard

Several factors have to be considered when buying a surfboard, such as gender, age, or the purpose of the Surfing. For example, if you are looking for a surfboard for your son, you will have to choose a surfboard looking forward to the future because your son should be able to train and grow with the surfboard more a couple of years. Other than that, the skill level is a necessity that you need to care about when determining the size of the board.

Sun Screen

Since the temperature is getting higher in the period that the Surfing commences, you have to bring sunscreen to protect your skin. The highest temperature is recorded from April to September months when the winter is present in the Maldives. Therefore, sun cream or a similar cream is a necessity.

Surf Cap

Although most of the surfing schools and surfing equipment renting centers let you have a surf camp, you must have one for you. Since it has to fit with your head, you will have to bring your own one. It will provide the necessary protection for your face from sun rays-like things.


Even if you are a surfer or not, you must bring sunglasses along with you as the heavy sunlight may damage your eyes. It is up to you to wear sunglasses at the time you surf. But, you have to stay on the beach most of the time.

Swimming Suits

Being one essential part of Surfing, you are going to need surfing pins for safety. You may leave these things to the renting centers as they have these kinds of things.

Swimming Suits

It is essential to keep the body condition of your up to the level. Since the seawater temperature is higher most of the time, you may get sudden changes in body temperature due to unfavorable conditions. Swimsuits help the learners to keep the temperature steady.

Mosquito repellents

Being a tropical group of islands, Maldives is famous for having mosquitos. You are going to need mosquito repellent for such occasions.

These Special Tips Will Help You in the Maldives

The Maldives is indeed a different country. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you should realize that the Maldives has got its own surfing brand as well as rules. As a beginner, following beginning tips for surfers will help you to become a pro. But, you need to remember that the tips will not make you a pro unless you have experience. The r more you surf experience will be more. Here are small things about Maldive surfing life.

Learn The Best Surfing Spots in the Maldives

The Maldives has got plenty of surfing spots. Although the country is not holding surfing competitions on a large scale, Maldives is itself a treasure for surfers with surfing spots. Most of them are for beginners as the waves are not so rough even in the monsoonal period. But, you will have to find the specific places for lefthanders and right-handers as it matters.

Get Proper Equipment

As the very first thing in beginning tips for surfers, you must be having the necessary things for surfing. Although the resorts and other places can provide you necessary things, it will be better if you bring them.  When it comes to the marking list, above mentioned things will be enough. Unlike any other place on Earth, you might not have visited the Maldives for any other reason but to enjoy. Therefore, packing the necessities will not be a hard thing to do.

 Boots will be Vital

Being one of the most unfavorable things in the Maldives for the surfers, the reef will be an obstacle sometimes. Although safety is not going to be at stake due to them, you will have to wear something for your feet. Most of the surfing spots are made preferably for surfing due to this reef. Therefore, you should bring your boots along with other equipment.

Big Waves Will be present

Even if you are looking for smaller waves, big waves will astonish you sometimes. You will not have an idea when to expect them in calm water. But, sometimes, the shallow water can produce large swells, making you incapable of handling them. Therefore, the best way to overcome the big swells is to avoid them. As a beginner and one of the best beginning tips for surfers, you will not be able to manage larger swells. But, you may learn things from pros by watching them how to do that.

Don’t surf at night

The Maldives is a country6 with so many nighttime activities. Glowing beach, night scuba diving, beach dining, and so many things have associated with the Maldives Nightlife. When it comes to surfing as a beginner, you should not choose that at any cost. Because not only you can’t see things right but for your safety.

The Soft Board Will Be It

The surfboard is always one of the beginning tips for surfers as it is the second raw material you need except the waves. Being a novice or a beginner, you must choose an appropriate surfboard for surfing. The best one to do that is Soft Board. It is recommended for beginners due to many reasons. Ability to handle easily, easily catchable waves, and the price-like factors have come in favor of the soft board for beginners.

If You Have Missed It, So Is your turn

Being one of the most important rules in beginning tips for surfers, you have to allow the others if you have missed your turn. It means that if you have missed the wave while paddling, you will not be able to paddle for the consecutive wave as there are others waiting. You should be waiting until the next turn. When it comes to mutual respect, you have to give it eventually to the seniors as well as other surfers.

 Inspire Professional Surfers

Inspirations are always effective. When it comes to surfing, you will get to find professional surfers in the Maldives. Although there are not so many, it will be an opportunity to get into their company. Many surfers visit the Maldives annually to train as the Maldives is not crowded for surfing yet. As a beginner, you will be able to take these things to your benefit.

Surf Schools

Surfing schools is the shortcut to becoming a pro. There are several surfing schools in the Maldives that are willing to teach you how to surf. Vakaru surf, Maldives Surf Club, Jailbreaks Reef Break, Surf Yoga Retreat, and Thulusdhoo surf camp are a few of them from where you can become a pro. Also, it will be better if you remember that some resorts themselves have related surf schools. You can contact the resort to get in touch.

Temperature is Higher, and you should not stay too long

It is up to you to decide on how long you are going to stay in the Maldives. Even though your main intention is to learn surfing, you should not stay in the Maldives for more than 14 days.

As the temperature is higher than your country and the unavailability of different features, you will be bored quickly. When compared the temperature with other countries in the world, you should note that the equator is just below a hundred miles from some points of Maldives. It is one of the most crucial beginning tips for surfers as well.

Budget Is Crucial

Although the budget doesn’t have to be one of your Beginning spots for surfers, most of the resorts charge above $350 per night. IF you are going to choose the Maldives as your training spot as a beginner, you will have to pay about $3000 as the resort fee. It will not include surfing-related expenses nor additional costs that you have to bear.

Therefore, you need to come up with a proper plan on expending money in the Maldives. Resorts, surfing schools, instructors, food, and transport must have been a concern.


The Maldives is a paradise for travelers due to so many reasons. Similar to the fact country has got more than thousands of islands in the possession, the amazing features are also high. Even if each island has one astonishing fact, the whole group of islands will have a total of thousands of reasons to surprise you. Being one of the most embracing reasons to visits Maldives, surfing is indeed a friendly activity in the country. When it comes to the number of islands, similar amounts of surf breaks are available in the group of islands.

Therefore, you will have to allocate the time for being a pro surfer in these islands in most of the ways. Following the Beginning tips for surfers will take an extra mile.

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