Maldives Glowing Beach, A Little Bit Of Divining Maldives

One of the things that the tourists love seeing regarding the beach is the Maldives glowing beach. It is a phenomenal experience for whoever gets to see that.

The Maldives is a country made of more than 1200 islands where the tourists find their solace in a natural way. While beaches being one of the priorities, there are some other things people get to find. Culture, handicrafts, cuisine, and resorts are other things that the annual visitors found more attractive. When it comes to the existing and the most breathtaking feature in the Maldives, Beaches are everywhere. There are so many characteristics available for the beaches, including surfing beaches, milky beaches, snorkeling, diving, relaxation, and so many other things.

The Tremendous View Is Divining

What would you feel when the ocean has turned blue and the sea waves become illuminated in the nighttime? Obviously, it is something that you must see in the Maldives. The feeling is a mutual one for most of the tourists as it is rather scary for the first time. It is not an artificial thing but a natural incident that can be enjoyed without any exaggeration.  If there is a bluish illuminating incident in the night, it is known as bioluminescent. Most people think it is an attraction collecting or an artificial thing, but it is not.

The blue light is emitted by living organisms that live in the area. Sea planktons are responsible for this commitment. There are other microorganisms in the ocean that can do these things together. The final outcome of their activities makes a perfect glowing effect in the night. Each beach is not capable of producing these kinds of glow effects as the necessary organisms are not available in such areas. When it comes to the Maldives, there is a beach in the Maldives that can produce bluish glowing. It is known as Vaadhoo or Mudhdhoo Island.

Vaadho Island

It is just 185 km away from Male if a traveler uses a speedboat to gather. Also, a usual Sea Plane Or boat ride will take you there within a couple of hours. The best and the recommended one is to have an entertaining boat ride at a slower speed to enjoy the environment. The Male and the sub-area will be a great surround to be enjoyed. Despite the fact its size of 200 inhabitants, an island is a place a tourist must pay a visit not only for seeing the Maldives glowing beach but the other reasons.

It delivers iconic sea views, tremendous sunsets, panoramic ocean views, and mesmerizing landscapes for free. It is located in an isolated place 8km far from Male, the capital of Maldives. Most tourists make their plans to visit this island as it is close to the capital and has the ability to be isolated within half an hour. The peace of the Island comes in the night when a traveler can enjoy the blue glow at its best. When it comes to the daytime, the Island is not a much busty place as the maximum holding capacity of tourists is less than a hundred.

How To Spot Maldives Glowing Beach

Maldives Glowing Beach

There is nothing special you need to do. All you have to do is to wait until sundown. It is important that you are making the visit at the right time of the year. From June to October is the right time you have to choose when arranging the trip. The sea creatures that cause the blue glowing are available in hot water. The sandy beach and the increased number of species will make things a lot clear.

Although they are available in numbers, clear visibility will not be available for the eyes that make an awesome beauty. Finding the place is up to you. Since the resort staff is must assistive you to find them, there will not be any difficulties. It is better you know that the glowing beach is mostly created near bay areas where the sea planktons gather in higher numbers. If you have heard that the previous night had produced bio-luminescence at someplace, that will probably happen at the same spot. It is important to remember that bio-luminescence is available at night time, which means you cannot observe any clue in the daytime. However, you have the ability to predict things with some clues. The best way to do this is to observe red algae near bay areas. If they are available in water during the daytime, you will be able to see the bioluminescence at night with a high probability. The night has to be warm, the beach should be milky, and the environment should be calm, which means it has to be a day between June to October.

Bio-Luminescence Is The Key

The best way to identify the path you are about to make towards bio-luminescence is to train your eye. You will be able to train your eyes by turning off the lights and adapt the dark at night. Then you will see the light seems to be bio-luminescence in Bluish color. If you are trying to identify the Maldives glowing beach using a torch or a specific light, they will not be visible to your eyes. It is vital that you note the photography in the night is an art. You need to take a good camera to capture the photos.

Your camera should be able to adjust the lights so the smallest bio-luminescence presence can be captured properly. The flashlight is a thing you should not turn on. Although there will not be any response from the sea creatures who produce the light, the flashlight will disable all other glow effects.  It is always about reducing the light, which is a common thing for both the camera and the eyes.

The disturbance is a vital thing when having a bio-luminescence effect on the shoreline. Since the waves break on the beach, you will be able to see things more clearly. When it comes to bays and rocky edges, things will be more visible than in other places. If you are free to capture these moments in a night when the moon is not a full moon day, things will be breathtakingly awesome. As the final thing, you don’t have to be afraid of the planktons as they don’t bite you.

Therefore, you’re free to get into the beach and enjoy the atmosphere physically. But, you need to remember that the sea can be a bit rough where the bio-luminescence is a presence which means the sea is a bit rough. You must not step into the deep water for more safety.

Making The Best Out Of The visit To Vaadho Island

You must probably be thinking of making full use of your visit to the Maldives other than having seen the Maldives ‘ glowing beach. When it comes to the other things that you can do around Vaadho island, you are free to be entitled to several things to do. Also, you need to remember that Vaadho island is for your entire family. Any age restriction has not been brought into the matter. A couple of days will be enough to move to the next Island for a new experience. Here are a few of the things that you can do with your family in Maldives glowing beach.

A Snorkeling Day

Not only Vaadho island, but all islands are good for having a snorkel. When it comes to the Vaado islands d, you have the liberty to take your family with you. Most importantly, the bay areas are filled with so much marine life. You can take your family into snorkeling to get familiar and educated with ocean creatures. Resort staff will be assistive to you when fulfilling this task a swell.


A Romantic Dinner By The Glow Beach Maldives

Romance is not just a thing that comes out of the heart but from the surrounding. Can there be any other place on earth rather than providing natural blue color for a couple? Being one of the heartiest colors for love, you have the ability to take your loved one to a delicious dinner. Although there is not a specific place to be found for a lovely evening, the resort staff will arrange one for you near the Maldives glowing beach. Although it is about time you expect to spend with family, a family dinner will be decorated by the planktons in the sea.

The recently introduced candle night dinner is such a concept that you can apply to your own dinner. The music and the dimmed candlelight are facilitated into your glow beach dinner by the resorts. All you have to do is to inform them.

Family Kayaking


Will there be any other things than kayaking to surfing the shallow lagoons. You may arrange a kayaking activity to see the beauty of nature in a much closer way. The best time to do it in the day is the sunset. After having breakfast, you may take a kayaking tour with your family. The resorts will arrange things for you along with a proper guide. Some of the tourists find themselves engaging in kayak tours in the night like the true beauty of Maldives glowing beach can be enjoyed at midnight.

A Glow Beach Camp


Camping is one of the greatest ways to spend the night. Although the sun rays are a bit intolerable for your skin, the tropical wind breeze will probably mitigate such minor issues. Swimming, diving, mealtime, BBQ, night camps, and there will be plenty of things that you can do from the beach. As the mosquito problems and bug issuer are less in the Vadho island compared to all other islands, this will be a nicer way to spend the days in the Maldives. Also, having enjoyed the night along with the glowing effect will be a nice thing to do.

Spa treatments

Spa treatments

Well-experienced spa treatments can be obtained from the Vaadho island itself. Since the resorts have got their own spa facilities, you are free to arrange such things at any time of the day. When coming to the fact, seeing the Maldives glowing beach at night, you may arrange spa treatments or Ayurvedic massage treatments in the daytime for ease. The therapists use pedicures, tissue massage, specialized facials, and body scrubs to conduct the procedures which can rejuvenate your body. Also, the next thing that you need to be aware of the Eastern culture is its Yoga therapies that can bring immunity and fitness back. You can have yoga instructors for your sessions as well.

Don’t forget these things.

There is one specific thing that you must take while visiting the Maldives glowing beach, your camera. Since night photography is not a major concern of the tourists, they forget how important it is to capture once in lifetime gifts offered by the Maldives. Besides, travelers think that the glowing beach is a concept that has been exaggerating by others. Of course, it is not, and if you see one of the glow nights, you will never forget it.

Maldives days are extremely hooter than you have experienced. Therefore, you might be aware that sun creams should be in your bag to overcome the heat. But, when it comes to the night, the cooler climate is made adverse by the cool tropical breeze that flows in the nighttime. The cold is a matter you have to concern about. Therefore, you must use4 a sweater to be worn in the nighttime.

The time of the year is a crucial thing to remember. If your main intention is to see the glow night, you will have to arrange the trip from June to October months when the climate creates the optimum condition for microorganisms. Even if the intention is to visit the Island for the rest of the year, you will see but not much sharpened.

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