Top 6 Best Activities to Do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Cape Cod Peninsula in Massachusetts offers a sense of nostalgia, history, tranquility, and recreation. It might have something to do with charming, eye-catching towns. Also, don’t forget about some of the best beach and sea resorts, where you can stay, eat good food, and do a lot of fun things.

Over the years, Cape Cod has established itself as a popular tourist destination. The National Seashore, which covers 43,000 acres, is a popular destination. The area has received more than 4 million visitors as of 2021. Therefore, the National Seashore plays a significant role in the economy.

National parks, lodging, restaurants, and venues for entertainment bring in money for tourists. Additionally, this has made it possible to find work in a variety of fields.

Top 6 Best Activities to do in Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

Therefore, Cape Cod is a great destination for a relaxing vacation. Look at the things and places you must do.

1. Unmissable national coasts:

On Cape Cod’s east coast, there is a protected area called the National Seashore. There are more than 40 miles of beaches, forests, and hiking trails. Please be aware that it gets a lot of people, especially in the summer.

Many events draw large crowds. You can unwind on the beach or take part in watersports. Hiking and watching birds are also popular activities. Make sure to check out the Atlantic Cedar Swamp.

Take advantage of the region’s many wonders. A private beach can be reached via a pristine wooden boardwalk. Aunt Lydia’s Cove is another spot where you can take in the endless views of the brilliant blue water. Ride your bikes on the sandy beach if you’re brave. Bikes with fat tires are especially suitable for the terrain.

The Chatham Birds Inn in Chatham’s historic downtown is one of the best resorts on Cape Cod. Farm-to-table meals are offered to guests at the inn. From our Brewster-based 8-acre farm, all our suppliers are sourced. Spend your money in the many galleries, shops, ice cream parlors, and candy stores in Chatham.

2. Laidback Martha’s Vineyard:

South of Cape Cod is Martha’s Vineyard. The best thing about this small island is how beautiful, romantic, and isolated it is.

You’ll be walking around a lot, so wear shoes that you can walk in. Disembark at Oaks Bluff Harbor if arriving by boat. Learn a little bit about the Flying Horse, our oldest carousel. Imagine that it has existed since the nineteenth century.

Joseph Sylvia State Beach is a great place to just unwind. The Aquinnah Cliff Lookout is the ideal spot for taking in the spectacular sunrise and sunset. Another must-see is the Gay Head Lighthouse, which is nearby. You can’t leave Edgartown Seafood Shanty without trying their famous New England clam chowder.

3. Nostalgic Wellfleet Drive-In:

The Wellfleet Drive-In Theater is a throwback to simpler times. It’s nostalgic and the only remaining drive-in theater.

Mini golf and the enormous screen are also available. It’s a great way for the whole family to get away from the beach.

4. Historic Nantucket – Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

Nantucket has a long history and is 15 miles south of Cape Cod. Thanks to Thomas Macy and the Quakers, she was born in 1659. One of the main activities was whaling. The Whaling Museum can provide additional information.

The Jethro Coffin House, built in 1686, is one of the oldest buildings still standing. Maria Mitchell, the first American female astronomer, lives there as well. The place where she was born is now a museum called Maria Mitchell House. The Nantucket Salvage Museum and the House of Natural History are two additional noteworthy museums.

Walking or biking around the city is the best way to see it. The ferry landings and pickups can also be arranged by hotels close to the beach.

Nantucket, on the other hand, is an ideal summer getaway beyond the historical aspect. If you prefer to unwind and have fun on the beach, there are plenty of other options.

5. Vibrant Downtown Provincetown – Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

Provincetown is a thriving city on the tip of Cape Cod. You can eat, shop, and eat gourmet food. There are also cafes, boutiques, and souvenir shops.

The town has a large LGBTQ population and is very welcoming. The bright flags atop the buildings are a celebration of them all.

There is also the nightlife. When the sun sets, this town comes to life. There are many drag shows, karaoke venues, bars, and dance clubs.

6. Monument to the Imposing Pilgrim – Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

The Pilgrim Monument is the tallest granite structure in the Americas, making it unique. From 252 feet up, take in the Provincetown skyline. When you approach Prince town, that is the first thing you notice.

This monument was commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907. He paid tribute to the Mayflower Pilgrims. The impressive structure took three years to build, and President William Howard Taft dedicated the final touches.

Get ready to climb and forget about your fear of heights. To reach the top, it takes about ten minutes. This amounts to 60 ramps and 116 steps altogether. However, the view from the summit is well worth the possible pain the next day. Interior stones were provided by many American organizations, towns, and cities. It recalls the symbolism of union.


Visitors can find a lot to like on Cape Cod. Every town has its unique charm and personality. You can focus on one activity each day of your trip. A village tour might take place on the first day. Spend the second-day exploring museums and historical sites. Spend the third day doing your shopping and eating good food.

On the fourth day, take part in watersports and outdoor activities like hiking. Day 5 is filled with relaxation at some of the best ocean and beach resorts. On this beautiful Cape Cod peninsula, boredom is not an option.

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